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Xaneji Oden
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip


Age 27, 28 (Timeskip)
Gender Male
Species Human/Sky People
Blood Type B+
Birth Date 9/22
Height 5'11"
Weight 174lbs
Occupation Pirate, Archer
Town of Origin Sabaody Archipelago
Devil Fruit None
Current Bounty 101,000,000
Epithet "Moonlight Arrow"
Crew Icewave Pirates
Family  ?

Xaneji Oden (御田 座捩子 Oden Zaneji) is the sniper of the Icewave Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Xaneji is a tall man with blue hair and red eyes. He wears a suit of red and silver armor he crafted himself and carries a bow, arrows, and a katana.


Xaneji used to live with his parents on Sabaody Archipelago until his parents were captured by slavers and sold to the Tenryuubito. He took up the name "Moonlight Arrow" and fought for the people of Sabaody against the slavers and pirates who would ruin their lives. He has a high sense of justice, and sees that the world government is less justice than they say, after all they are the ones that allow slavery to go on.


Xaneji uses a bow and arrows as well as a katana.

Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation Xaneji is somewhat skilled with Kenbunshoku, enough to know when to dodge an enemy arrow.

Rokushiki: Six Styles

Xaneji is trained in the art of Tekkai.

Special AttacksEdit

Wingblade Red - Xaneji fires a special arrow that bursts into flames upon impact.


Xaneji is able to fight without his bow, but not well, maybe enough to defend himself. If he runs out of arrows, he is stuck with his sword, which he doesn't even have basic training with.


Araigen Rensutsu - First Mate

Reichi Kahnsmithe - Cook

Arzt Zeit - Doctor

Escalvier Caputei - Shipwright

Milana Chiyouhatsu - Musician

Taiki Saruwatari - Musician


Past EventsEdit

Current EventsEdit


Quotes Edit

"I am Xanjei Oden, son of the sky, king of archers, and the last sight you won't see." - Xaneji before sniping.

Trivia Edit

Xaneji, like all other members of the Icewave Pirates, has his own pirate flag.


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