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Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip

Bad_Luck_Timeskipsmall.png Trent Altos

Age 31, 32 (Timeskip)
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type AB
Birthdate 2/17
Height 6'4"
Weight 198lbs
Devil Fruit Zenso Zenso no Mi
Former Bounties 201,000,000
Bounty 322,000,000
Town of Origin Bendad - West Blue
Occupation Pirate, Captain
Epithet "Bad Luck"
Pirate Crew Warui Pirates (Former), Akuma Pirates (Current)

Trent Altos (アルト酢 連れんと Arutosu Turento) it the current captain of the Akuma Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Trent wears an eyepatch over his left eye due to being blind in that eye.


Trent is over protective of his current crew, not wanting to see his friends murdered in front of him again. He has a slight split personality disorder where he has an "Inner Demon" who, when given power, controls Bad Luck for its own goals. He has dubbed this other persona "Bad Baron".

Gallery Edit

Trent's First Wanted Poster
Trent's Second Wanted Poster



Trent used to carry around a saber that he got from his hometown until it was destroyed in battle. He now uses a katana won from an exiled Wano Country samurai in a poker match. After some testing, he found that it is lined with Kairoseki.

Devil FruitEdit

Zenso Zenso no Mi - Full Speed Full Speed Fruit: This fruit allows Trent to move as fast as a speeding bullet, and think at the same speed.


Trent has shown use of Haoshoku Haki when his crew was destroyed, This is what gave Raibaku an interest in him.

Trent has been training in Busoshoku Haki.

Bad Baron FormEdit

Bad Baron Form (Timeskip)

Trent's alternate personality the "Bad Baron" is more of a transformation than just an alternate personality. His hair color and eye color change while the "Bad Baron" has taken over. His strength seems to increase, but that could be just that the "Bad Baron" doesn't care for his body and will risk getting harmed to land a stronger attack.

Special AttacksEdit

Oma Mantra - Trent focuses his energy into a single slash.

Oni Ki Mantra - Trent lets his inner demon take over and massacres everything in his path.



Hyochi Yuzu


Past EventsEdit

Trent Altos was once an infamous pirate in West Blue but, he was overconfident in his own and his crew's abilities and ventured into the Grand Line. His crew was decimated, but when all hope seemed lost, he was saved by Raibaku Inabikari. He was offered to join Raibaku's crew, and he accepted along with his only surviving crew mate Hyochi Yuzu.

After this event, he was given his nickname "Bad Luck".

Current EventsEdit

Trivia Edit

Trent has two of his own flags, one from when he was captain of the Warui Pirates and one from when he gained control of the Akuma Pirates.

Trent's Bad Baron form is not unlike the "Super Saiyan" transformation in Dragon Ball Z.


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