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Taiki Saruwatari
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip


Age 16, 21 (Timeskip)
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood Type A-
Birth Date 12/4
Height 5'4", 5'8" (Timeskip)
Weight 150 lbs, 163 lbs (Timeskip)
Occupation Pirate, Musician
Town of Origin Arcis - Grand Line
Devil Fruit Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Swamp Ogre
Current Bounty 83,000,000
Epithet "Demon of Arcis"
Crew Icewave Pirates
Family  ?

Taiki Saruwatari (猿海利 待機 Saruwatari Taiki) is a musician of the Icewave Pirates.

Appearance Edit


Taiki tends to get annoyed by stupid behavior (Hyobachi) only to join in on the fun seconds later. He tries to act more mature than he is, but it usually backfires on him. he hordes items in hidden parts of the ship due to his past of having nothing.


Taiki uses a giant metal club.

Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Swamp Ogre

Special AttacksEdit

Fullblade Caravan

The first attack Taiki created. It is a downward swing in half-ogre form using all of his strength and becoming full ogre at the last second before the hit.


Standard devil fruit weaknesses. While in full ogre form, Taiki used to go berserk, but after the timeskip, he has full control over it.


Araigen Rensutsu - First Mate

Reichi Kahnsmithe - Cook

Arzt Zeit - Doctor

Escalvier Caputei - Shipwright

Milana Chiyouhatsu - Musician

Ryutsuchi Jaken - Friend


Past EventsEdit

Timeskip EventsEdit

During the timeskip, Taiki was taken to the past by Hirugaesu Zeit and trained with the Marine science division under a fake name.

Current EventsEdit


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Trivia Edit

Taiki, like all other members of the Icewave Pirates, has his own pirate flag.

Taiki's Theme

Taiki's Theme

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