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Ryutsuchi_Jaken_Timeskipsmall.png Ryutsuchi Jaken

Age 22
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O
Birthdate 1/1
Height 5'11"
Weight 186 lbs
Former Bounties 53,020,000 Beri
Bounty 71,000,000 Beri
Town of Origin
Occupation Doctor
Epithet "Shifting Demon"
Pirate Crew Wood Fist Pirates
Family Silfeh Jaken - Adoptive Father

Ryutsuchi Jaken (邪険 龍土 Jaken Ryuutsuchi) is the doctor of the Wood Fist Pirates.

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Ryutsuchi is very protective of his research, enough so that when he met Kashi, he tried to kill him for going into his lab. He will not abandon a friend in need, and counts anyone who has beaten him as a rival.

He is one of the most compitant members of the wood fist crew and of the few acually capable of following directions.


Ryutsuchi creates different mixtures and compounds of chemicals that he uses in battle. He puts them in colored pouches that he keeps in his pockets. He also wields a sword made of of a brown crystal that is in a ceremonial dagger form when not used.

Special AttacksEdit

Troll Pouch A pouch that is consumed that turns the user into a troll-like monster for 5 minutes.

Bombing Pouch A pouch that ignites and explodes when thrown at something.

Smoking Pouch A pouch that, when it hits a surface at a high speed, creates a smokescreen.


Ryutsuchi can be hurt by pouches that backfire. The troll pouch also cannot be used twice in 12 hours, if he were to try, he would pass out after eating the second one.


Kashi D. Mokuzai - Captain

Taiki Saruwatari - Inspiration for his Troll Pouch.


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His character model is based off of L from "Death Note" and Okabe Rintarou from "Steins;Gate".

Like the other Wood Fist Pirates, Ryutsuchi has his own flag.
Ryutsuchi's Theme

Ryutsuchi's Theme

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