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Reichi Kahnsmithe
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip


Age 15, 16 (Timeskip)
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood Type AB
Birth Date 2/1
Height 5'9
Weight 165lbs
Occupation Pirate, Cook
Town of Origin  ?
Devil Fruit Seisa Seisa no Mi, Model: Western Water Hemlock
Current Bounty 67,000,000
Epithet "Disaster Radius"
Crew Icewave Pirates
Family  ?

Reichi Kahnsmithe (カンスミス 霊地 Kansumisu Reichi) is the cook of the Icewave Pirates.

Appearance Edit


Reichi tends to be cautious and easygoing, a direct opposite of Hyobachi, she tries to stop him from acting upon his dangerous ideas. She is easily amazed by everything, a result of being on a primitive island for most of her life.

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Reichi's appearance in Yuujin no Nigai


Devil FruitEdit

Seisa Seisa no Mi, Model: Western Water Hemlock

Special AttacksEdit

Poison Ocean - Surface Level - Reichi starts firing poison at her enemies while in her half plant state.

Plant Doubles - Reichi creates plant doppelgangers that look like the crew. She uses them to provide a distraction to escape, as they have no real fighting ability.


Standard devil fruit weaknesses. As with other plant type zoans, Reichi can't go full plant form without major complications. Her mind starts to go dormant, and it is hard for her to transform back. If left in her full plant form for too long, she may be stuck in that form.


Araigen Rensutsu

Hyobachi Yukizu



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Trivia Edit

Reichi, like all other members of the Icewave Pirates, has her own pirate flag.

Reichi's Theme

Reichi's Theme