Taiki - Oni Oni no Mi, Model Swamp Ogre

Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Swamp Ogre

Full Word Oni
Meaning Ogre
English Name Ogre Ogre Fruit, Model: Swamp Ogre
Type Zoan
Power The ability to use transform into an ogre or half-ogre
Eaten By Taiki Saruwatari

The Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Swamp Ogre is a devil fruit consumed by Taiki Saruwatari. It allows him to transform into a demon (Ogre) and half demon (Half Ogre).

Appearance Edit

It looks like a red-ish banana with green polka-dots and a brown stem.

Strengths Edit

It allows the user to transform into a ogre and half ogre. It also allows him to generate swamp water when attacking.

Taiki's AttacksEdit

Fullblade Caravan

The first attack Taiki created. It is a downward swing in half-ogre form using all of his strength and becoming full ogre at the last second before the hit.

Weaknesses Edit

Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

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