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Michiko_Kawashima_Timeskipsmall.png Michiko Kawashima

Age 20
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type A
Birthdate 7/7
Height 5'9"
Weight 170 lbs
Former Bounties 42,780,000 Beri
Bounty 121,000,000 Beri
Town of Origin
Occupation Pirate, Cook
Epithet "Spirit Flame"
Pirate Crew Wood Fist Pirates

Appearance Edit


Michiko is a very outgoing person. She will often take a challenge head on, getting her in all sorts of trouble.


Michiko uses her frying pans as her main weapons. She also has the ability to call forth the power of spirit fire, which she calls "Spirit Flare", due to being from an island that is powerful with spirits.

Special AttacksEdit

Hirei Hirei no Hammer

Ghostfire Hammer - Michiko coats her frying pan in spirit flames and smashes her opponent with it.


Michiko had taken a vow of silence, as was mandatory on her home island, but after training on a prehistoric island, she has broken her vow and decided to start speaking her mind.


Kashi D. Mokuzai - Captain

Ryutsuchi Jaken - Doctor

Boshi Desun - Musician

Fuse D. Mokuzai - Shipwright


Past EventsEdit

At some point, Michiko had taken a vow of silence on her home island.


Michiko trained on the jungle island of Harvista with Reichi Kahnsmithe.

Current EventsEdit


Quotes Edit


"I wasn't mute! I had taken a vow of silence, which YOU made me break!"

Trivia Edit

Like the other Wood Fist Pirates, Michiko has her own flag.

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