Endless Oak

Ship Number 2
Pirate Crew Wood Fist Pirates

Endless Oak is the second ship used by the Wood Fist pirates.

The Endless oak is a unique battle ship created by Icewave, Wood Fist and Fullbuster pirates... for the wood first pirates parcially in comemeration of their friendship and mostly just to prove how awsome they were. 

The endless oak is made largely form oak created by Kashi himself making it almost an extention of himself. In addition the boat itself is alive (not in the same way as the going merry as far as we know) but quite literally it is a growing tree.

Cool stuff and special features

The Endless oak has its own electricity and a limited internet courticy of greg. Oak is capable of limited self repair. Oak possesses advanced tech used to create cyborgs which kinda sorta not really makes in one as well. this tech allows it amongst other things to "jump". oak has extreamly "efficent" heavy armor made a light metal and heavily compacted wood. it has a green house. 


The endless oak posseses a truly huge amount of firepower easily cabable of matching 3 marine battle ships at the same time. It posseses Duel foward laser cannons and a foward repeating gun duel aft repeating guns 5 repeating gus along both sides 2 long range artillery guns AND a rotating sound cannon.