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Elmara Yukizu
Age 46
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood Type A
Birth Date 3/28
Height 5'11"
Weight 160lbs
Occupation Pirate, Navigator
Town of Origin  ?
Devil Fruit Ginka Ginka no Mi
Current Bounty 510,000,000
Epithet "Huge Allowance"
Crew Multiman Pirates (Former)
Family Husband, Son

Appearance Edit


Elmara hates having people assert authority over her. She will give money to random people whenever. In conversation, she will jump from topic to topic, although seems to remember each thing she skipped to.



Elmara wields a cutlass with which she has a moderate amount of training.


Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

Devil FruitEdit

Elmara has the power of the Ginka Ginka no Mi which allows her to generate, manipulate and turn into silver coins.

Special AttacksEdit

Small Allowance - Elmara flicks her fingers sending silver coins flying at her enemy.

Small Allowance - Busoshoku - A basic small allowance attack augmented with busoshoku haki.

Poverty Eliminator - Elmara creates a gigantic wave of silver coins which she sends at her enemy.


Standard devil fruit weaknesses. She is untrained in weaponry besides blocking blade based attacks.



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Current EventsEdit

Elmara was brought forward in time along with Dougan Leyt by Hirugaesu Zeit to help in the battle against his future self. Because of his meddling, Salvus was killed on the battlefield, and Elmara and Dougan were assumed dead.

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